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  • MODEfx – VFX ReelVideo, VFX Reel

    MODEfx – VFX Reel

    Video, VFX Reel

  • Z Nation – VFX Reel (Season 1)Video, Z Nation, VFX Reel

    Z Nation – VFX Reel (Season 1)

    Video, Z Nation, VFX Reel

Our Services Whatever it is, we can do it!

The Obvious

From keying to tracking, to clean-up and enhancements... Compositing is something we do everyday.

The Less Obvious

Not everything is explosions and gunfire. Sometimes discretion is needed when removing blemishes or de-aging the actors on screen.


We provide On-Set Supervision to make sure your project stays on schedule and on budget.

Content Creation

When your project requires the fantastic or the crazy you can count on us for Modeling/Texturing and Matte Painting.

Projects Yep, we've gotten to work on some cool shit!

Our Team Small & Well Crafted

  • Jason McKee

    Jason McKee

    Founder - VFX Supervisor

  • Travis Berry

    Travis Berry

    Founder - VFX Producer

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